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Want to grow your business, add more value to the services you offer, close more sales, win more listings and help more clients? We want to strategic align with you and work with you to explode your business by helping your clients, investors, friends, family, & partners defer hundred of thousands to millions in capital gains tax and create a transformational exit plan when they sell their highly appreciated assets. 
  Your Best Source Of Deferred Sales Trust Information
  The DST Has Over A Dozen NO Change IRS Audits
  DST Legal Team Provides Lifetime Audit Defense to Clients

Deferred Sales Trust Works For:

The Sale of a Business,  Public or Private Stock, Primary Home, Commercial Real Estate, Investment Real Estate, Luxury Homes, Business,  Artwork, Collectibles, Carried Interest, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Multifamily Buildings, Private Practices like Veterinarian PracticeOptometrist Practice, Dental Practice,  Car DealershipMobile Home Parks, Race Horses or any other Highly Appreciated Asset 

"You made me a believer!"

“But I’ll tell you, you made me a believer when we got the wire from our mutual client who made this work and it was a real eye-opener to see that there are ways that people can use the regulatory framework, if properly structured, to invest 1031, exchange dollars and things that you would not think were like-kind to what they exited from. So it was very impressive. I gotta say, You are the first one I’ve seen pull this off and I’m pretty… hesitant to believe in a lot of these kinds of things. So it’s a major feat for me to say, Wow, this actually really worked and it was really cool.” -Brian Burke

Why Partner With Brett Swarts?

Client Portal

Have your own portal with an all access folder to all people who will sign up and even those who book a call with Brett under your portal

Podcast Guesting

Be a guest on our Podcast, have your service featured to our audience.

Custom Materials

Get a custom eBook copy of our Sell Your Business or Real Estate Smarter in 9 Steps, Proposal Assistant for your clients

Business Growth

Add more value to your service and have my whole team work seamlessly with you

Seamless Transactions

Clarify your messaging and convert more of your visitors under your service

Academy Access

Stand out in a crowded market and get access with our CGTS Academy


Besides you, we will also give your team free access with our academy and a 2 sessions of coaching to train them and equip not just you, but your front liners too

Webinar Presentation

Book Brett Swarts as a guest to your Webinar Presentation where we can teach and educate your potential clients. This also come with your very own custom branded Portal and giveaways to your attendees.

Automation & Transparency

Have all of your portal automated for you and track everyone who gets access and applied for a deal analysis. Get access to our email Swipe file.

Why Your Client Needs Deferred Sales Trust

  • We are at an inflection point where the DST has the opportunity to become the #1 choice for baby boomers who want out of the toilets', trash, liability.
  • Deferred Sales Trust is a back up plan for failed 1031. Inventory is low and pricing is high.
  • Deferred Sales Trust is the only option primary home & business owners who want liquidity and diversification. 
  • ​For Retirement Planning, Moving Funds Outside Of The Taxable Estate, and Generational Wealth Building.
  • ​Freedom, Liquidity and Diversification while Creating a Multiple Streams of Cash Flow Assets, Different Investment Product Types and Saving More on Capital Gains Tax while still remaining 100% legal. 
  • ​Gain More Control over your investment and start selling high and buying low at optimal timing all tax deferred. Our Parents taught us to sell high and buy low. You can now do this with the DST. 

Get started in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Sign up for a strategic alliance

Pick the package that fits you best, from pre-made templates and trainings to done for you portals and automation
  • Strategic Partner or Ultimate Strategic Partner Pack

Step 2: We'll start working seamlessly with your business

As soon as you sign up with us. You will have access right away with our tools and our team.
  • Let us start adding value to your offers

Step 3: Watch your business grow

You now have the perfect offer, promotion and funnel design, and you get to reap the rewards.
  • Go from idea to income and scale to predictable income


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