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As The Founder Of Capital Gains Tax Solutions, CRE Investor, Multifamily Broker and learning from some of the best in the business at the largest Commercial Real Estate Brokerage in the Nation,
I was able to look behind the scenes of different tax deferral strategies which have 

helped 1000's Of Individuals Escape Feeling Trapped By Capital Gains Tax, & 1031 Exchange Strict Guidelines, 

Here's What We've Learned (New Research):

The Single Biggest Secrets Of Adding Value For High Net Worth Clients 

...without losing your FOCUS!

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From: Brett Swarts
Sacramento, California

There is a big difference between winning new business

and adding value by providing your clients with hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in savings (wouldn't you agree?).

As the CEO of Capital Gains Tax Solutions, I have a rare opportunity to see behind the scenes of thousands of primary home owners, business owners, commercial property owners and people who own other highly appreciated assets, to see what's working, and what's not working for them in terms of Tax Deferral Strategies.

Recently we analyzed over 1000+ deals, and looked at numerous tax deferral strategies ran by clients...

Trying to find a pattern of what made some tax deferral strategies successful, while others flopped.

As you can imagine, this was NOT a quick or easy process.
We drew a lot of connections, but a lot of them ended up leading us into some big "dead ends..."

But then something cool happened...

we focused on what happened before the 2008 economic crash. Do you remember that time and how you or your clients felt financially

As We Kept Digging and Analyzing and Discussing,
A Set Of Patterns Emerged...
And what we found shocked us!

We found that it had almost NOTHING to do with:
  • What type of primary home, investment real estate, business they owned...
  • Where their asset was located​...
  • What there value add strategy looked liked...
  • ​​Or even what they were selling!
But instead, it had everything to do with their ability to sell high at the peak of the sellers market and sit on the sidelines and purchase low when the market crashed or corrected; while also deferring their capital gains tax. To do this they needed to...

Use the tax code to work in their favor since 30-50% of their gain was subject to capital gains tax and/or deprecation recapture. This meant one thing.... their trusted advisor (YOU) needed to communicate with them and help them weigh each of the top tax deferral strategies options available. 

So instead of not having clarity or solutions for clients, it had everything to do with your ability to:

​Understand your clients internal motivations of selling and mastering "tax deferred story selling"
How well you can use the fundamentals of top tax deferral strategies to persuade and to build rapport with your clients...

​Build a tribe of people who use your service and send you referrals over and over again, and became more than just lifelong clients...​

Change your value proposition a "transactional" service into a "transformational" movement! 

I remember  2008..

It was where the top real estate agents who were making over $1M per year in 2007 were now making nearly zero as the market place came to a grinding halt. A lot of agents had to pivot and change careers. I personally went from making around $25,000-$45,000 per year to zero. I was a new commercial real estate agent at Marcus & Milichap and was just trying to survive with my wife and baby girl at home. Have you ever felt scared financially and insecure as a provider? That was me. It was the lowest part of my career. It felt like a financial season of a cold bitter winter. But you and I know with pain and challenges comes creativity, perseverance and innovation. The human spirit and entrepreneurial drive excels when our backs are against the wall. But only for those who are prepared. As Jim Rohn puts it in his book the Seasons Of Life, "To those who are prepared, who have planted abundantly in the spring, guarded their crops carefully during the summer, and harvested massively during the fall, winter can be yet another season of opportunity. It can be a time for reading, a time for planning...." 

With fewer deals trading the competition for agents increased drastically
overnight. I wanted to add value to clients and be competitive in the growing
demand and provide solutions to my clients new challenges. So I started to read and plan. I found out that most investors got hurt with the crash due to overpaying for a property and taking more debt than they wanted to due to the pressure of the 1031 exchange requirements. Investors felt trapped with their 1031 exchanges and they wished they had never had to 1031 in the 1st place. But like most of us before the 2008 crash we felt like there was no other way to save from paying 30-50% in tax.

But then something happened... 

I had mastered the art of Being an Expert (or Guide) to My Dream Clients using the best kept tax deferral secret

But it Started When a Guide Helped Me. I was In a conference room at Marcus & Millichap with 30 other CRE Brokers and a financial advisor who is now my business partner enlightened me about a tax deferral strategy that I never heard of called the Deferred Sales Trust.

And Then This Guide Helped Me To Achieve The Results That Strategy  Promised...

And what I found shocked me! This is the solution that I could have provided to my clients....
  • This could have helped them save their wealth during the 2008 crash..
  • ​Deferred their capital gains tax and get them out of debt. Helped Them To Have Sold high and Waited To Buy Low...
  • ​Help them to create and preserve more wealth with a new depreciation schedule. Gain liquidity & diversification

My mind was just blown...

And that’s where this whole thing began…

Expert Tax Secrets:

10X Your Business Using My Foolproof Program

Unlocking A Transformational Exit Plan For High Net Worth Clients So You Grow Your Business

They Had Mastered
"The 3 Secrets Of Unlocking A Transformational Exit Plan For High Net Worth Clients"...
And Then Helping Their Clients To Create Wealth At Optimal Timing Or Preserve Wealth for Retirement...
Many people get skeptical when they hear a tax deferral strategy that is new to them, because they are used with the one they already know. I understand. I was there as a CRE broker and thought the 1031 exchange, CRT, Opportunity Zone or Delaware Statutory Trust was the only option for investment real estate owners. 

"But Brett... 

I'm never going to be a CPA and don't want to provide legal advice ..."
For those who are thinking that, I want to remind you that I'm not a CPA either and as business professional like you our platforms, our service, and our proposals are just that....proposals for ideas for each client to choose from. The "Brain Surgeons", as I call them are the CPA and Law firm who provides the execution of the Deferred Sales Trust. They've never lost a IRS audit (over a dozen so far), have an IRS Private Letter Ruling and have a 25+ year track record with thousands of closed cases. 

By positioning yourself as not a tax expert and learning how to tell tax deferred strategy stories in a way that gets people to move, you are able to guide people through your service, giving them the results they are looking for.  

My goal is to make sure that you'll understand
what could be your best option to help your client defer their capital gains for their highly appreciated assets. How it can help you or your clients escape feeling trapped with the strict 1031 guidelines in buying and selling CRE, a business, a primary home or other highly appreciated assets. 

I want to give you the option to be like William Wallace who for the sake of Freedom can give your clients a transformational exit plan vs a transactional stay in their primary home, not be able to retire from their business, stay in debt, in toilets, trash, liability, 1031 forced overpaying plan.

I want to show you EXACTLY what worked for me and my clients and how they SAVED 30-50% of their gain on the sale of their assets.

In fact, I’ll even turn a camera on myself, and walk you through a step by step process and guide you through this.
….because I know you need it too!

If not you, maybe someone you know or even someone close to you.

Think About Adding More Value to Your Service and Helping Your Clients Defer Their Capital Gains, Save Their 1031 Exchange, Preserve Their Wealth, Create More Wealth By Selling High and Buying Low At Any Time All Tax Deferred, Plan Wisely For Their Retirement... AND Having Me Always As Your Guide Walking You Through Each Step:
Think about closing more deals or growing your AUM or earning  more listings. 
  • Win more listings
  • ​​Manage More Equity
  • ​Earn a higher commission
  • Help clients gain liquidity, diversification and options
  • ​​Eliminate the need for a 1031 Exchange OR Save a Failed 1031
  • ​Overcome the $250K - $500K Primary Home Exclusion 

“The 3 Secrets Of Unlocking A Transformational Exit Plan For High Net Worth Clients So You Can Grow Your Business Masterclass”

This is how you'll change the lives of your clients, 

YES! In every case there is an Expert or Guide who has mastered how to unlock a Transformational Exit Plan For High Net Worth Clients.

I have a team of experts that has mastered this and we can all work Seamlessly With You.

Its kind of like Blockbuster vs Netflix. Did you know Blockbuster had a chance to purchase Netflix for $50M? 

They said no since they thought they already knew. 

Blockbuster did not see the change that was occurring and missed out. The rest is history as Blockbuster is out of business and Netflix is one of the largest entertainment companies in the world. 

"Raising $2M of funds for your syndication with a saved failed #1031 exchange used to be complicated; not anymore. Hear why Brian Burke was blown away with the deferred sales trust

"But I’ll tell you, you made me a believer when we got the wire from our mutual client who made this work and it was a real eye-opener to see that there are ways that people can use the regulatory framework, if properly structured, to invest 1031, exchange dollars and things that you would not think were like-kind to what they exited from. So it was very impressive. I gotta say, You are the first one I’ve seen pull this off and I’m pretty... hesitant to believe in a lot of these kinds of things. So it’s a major feat for me to say, Wow, this actually really worked and it was really cool." - Brian Burke | Praxis Capital |CRE Syndicator | 

"The deferred sales trust helped me not just be an active cre investor but it helped me become a passive investor as well. CA real estate values were too high and I can now double my cash on cash return in other states, diversify into other CRE product types, all with zero management responsibilities. " - STEVE P. | Sacramento, CA | Capital Gains Tax Solutions Client

"I wanted to be able to time the real estate market and buy commercial real estate when it was more of a Buyer's lower priced market instead of overpaying in a highly appreciated and highly priced market" - DAVE L. | San Rafael, CA | Capital Gains Tax Solutions Client

"It's a relief to be rid of the apartment building. It was a very lucrative investment, but it came with a lot of headaches that took up my time and energy"  - PETER N. | Marin, CA | Capital Gains Tax Solutions Client





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Let's Start to 10X Your Business and Unlock A Transformational Exit Plan For High Net Worth Clients So You Grow Your Business

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